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Found and Sons is here serve our communities. In order to continue to serve, we must help ourselves and our community stay safe and healthy during this difficult time. We will continue to stay informed from the Federal and Local agencies research and implement the necessary procedures to stay within the best guidelines and recommendations as possible. 

First, we at Found and Sons would like to wish the community a Merry Christmas and we hope for a New Year that is easier on all of us.When it comes to funerals, there have been many guidelines, regulations, and suggestions over the past 8 months as well as each individual businesses’ right to create more restrictive standards. We have responded to many requests for clarification privately and thought it would be time to explain what Found and Sons Funeral Chapels offer during the pandemic in accordance with Amended Order 63. The Order applies to all funeral homes and can not be altered.I’ll start with what we are “required” to follow in order to operate under the current Governor’s Order. Any gathering other than a religious service is limited to 10 people per room not to include employees and non-employees such as a minister, organist, or soloist. This includes everything BUT the funeral. This makes most visitations all but impossible unless groups of 10 are rotated in and out. The exception to this would be having a religious component to the visitation, like A Rosary Prayer Service as the Catholic Church allows before a Funeral Mass.What about the funeral? If the funeral is religious in nature, we are allowed to host up to 75 people in our Culpeper Chapel and 100 people in our Fredericksburg Chapel (50% of our occupancy permits). Social distancing is required for those who do not reside together, in other words, households can sit together. Everyone 5 years and older must wear cloth face-covering in accordance with AEO 63. Our staff will be wearing masks and require that you do as well. If you have a medical condition that prohibits you from wearing a mask, we have accommodations for listening to the service, and all services are live streamed at no additional cost, with family approval so anyone may participate from anywhere.Next, we suggest if you feel ill or have a fever, consider yourself high risk, or have symptoms of COVID-19 that you stay home in consideration of others. Give us a call and we will do everything in our power to accommodate your needs.Finally, beyond government restrictions, each funeral home can decide for themselves what they will and will not do in a pandemic. At Found and Sons, we have not changed anything other than what is mandated by the Governor. We did not become funeral directors to pick and choose what we will deal with when it comes to a cause of death. I don’t want to lessen the seriousness of this virus by saying there are an entire host of other conditions and viruses that pose a funeral director much more serious health hazards, but with an abundance of caution and the proper personal protection equipment, we treat every deceased with care in the same manner. In no way will a death related to COVID-19 be treated any differently at Found and Sons. This includes embalming, burial and/or cremation services and all that is included except the size of the crowd.We believe it is important to be informed before making decisions during a pandemic while experiencing a loss. While this order is set to run through Jan 31, 2021, we will update this if there are changes that relate to funerals specifically.We would like to thank the community for their respect shown to families during this unbelievably hard time to experience sickness or loss. Your participation in these difficult times makes the grieving process a little smoother and allows the family to experience the closest thing to normal we can provide.- Scott Found

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